surgical assistants guide to dental microscope

The Surgical Assistant’s Guide to Microscope Dentistry

So, your practice recently purchased or is now considering a dental microscope. As a surgical assistant, this could be a revolution in how you and your surgeon diagnose, create treatment plans, conduct procedures, review post-op and even more. Plus, it could improve your communication during operations, as you both now have the ability to see into the oral cavity at the same time, at higher magnification levels.

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global dental microscope

How Are General Dentists Finding Success with Dental Microscopes?

If you’re hearing more about dental microscopes from colleagues and online forums, it’s possible you’ve started considering if this magnification tool is right for you and your practice. Originally most commonly adopted by endodontists and other specialists, dental microscopes rose to prominence over 25 years ago. So why are you hearing more about this technology now than ever before?

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doctor with patient

Don’t Let Strain Force You Into Early Retirement: 5 Tips to Extend Your Career in Dentistry

The dentistry profession is as rewarding as it is demanding. If you’ve ever heard or seen a doctor forced into early retirement due to discomfort or health, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid this and stay in control of when and how you retire. If you’re a relatively young practitioner, and you’re already visiting a masseuse or chiropractor to manage pain and strain regularly, it may be time to think about ways in particular to proactively get ahead of the pain.

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