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Todd Lester

Todd Lester currently serves as the Vice President of Sales for Global Surgical. He’s been helping dental practices for over 25 years, connecting them with the technology and equipment that drives their practice. Since starting with Global, Todd has helped doctors get started, add value, and expand their practice with dental microscopes.

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Navigating the Choice: How Do I Choose A Dental Microscope?

Choosing the right dental microscope is a significant decision for any dental practice, impacting the quality of patient care and the overall efficiency of dental procedures. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which microscope best suits your needs. Beyond the technical specifications, factors like warranty and customer support play a crucial role in ensuring long-term satisfaction and reliability.

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Endodontic Microscopes in Root Canal Therapy

In the realm of endodontics, precision and attention to detail are key. The intricate nature of root canal procedures demands not just skill but also the best tools at one's disposal. This is where endodontic microscopes play a transformative role. Offering unparalleled magnification and illumination, these microscopes are revolutionizing the way endodontists approach root canal therapy.

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How Much Will a Dental Microscope Cost in 2024?

How do you know when is the right time to buy dental equipment? You’re ready to maximize its value, but you want to find the right equipment that fits the needs and skills of you and your staff, while also getting a favorable price. Very few doctors want a good buying opportunity to slip by and pay more for the same equipment.

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Top 5 Considerations for DSOs: Dental Microscopes

In the rapidly evolving landscape of dental care, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) have emerged as a dominant force. Unlike solo practices, DSOs often oversee multiple dental clinics, pooling resources and centralizing certain administrative functions. As technology plays an increasingly critical role in dental care, one tool stands out for its impact on clinical outcomes as well as promoting long-term ergonomics for each doctor: the dental microscope.

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Don’t Let Strain Force You Into Early Retirement: 5 Tips to Extend Your Career in Dentistry

The dentistry profession is as rewarding as it is demanding. If you’ve ever heard or seen a doctor forced into early retirement due to discomfort or health, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid this and stay in control of when and how you retire. If you’re a relatively young practitioner, and you’re already visiting a masseuse or chiropractor to manage pain and strain regularly, it may be time to think about ways in particular to proactively get ahead of the pain.

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