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Jason Harvey

Jason currently serves as the Western Sales Director for Global Surgical. He’s been helping dental practices for over 25 years, connecting them with the technology and equipment that drives their practice. Since starting with Global, Jason has helped doctors get started, add value, and expand their practice with dental microscopes.

restorative dentistry

Future Trends in Restorative Dentistry

The integration of advanced technology in dental practices is reshaping how dental professionals approach restorative procedures, enhancing precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes. Here, we'll explore the future trends in restorative dentistry that are set to revolutionize the field, drawing from our insights and innovations in dental microscopy.

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Exploring the Details: What Can 19x Magnification See on a Dental Microscope?

In the intricate world of dentistry, precision and attention to detail can be critical. Dental microscopes have significantly enhanced the capabilities of dental professionals, allowing for unparalleled visualization of the oral cavity. 19x magnification is typically the highest power available on a dental microscope for revealing fine details that are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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What is the Magnification of a Dental Microscope?

What is the Magnification of a Dental Microscope?

In the precise and detail-oriented world of dentistry, the dental microscope has become an indispensable tool, enhancing both the accuracy and quality of care provided to patients. One of the key features that make dental microscopes so valuable is their ability to magnify the treatment area. But what exactly does magnification entail in the context of a dental microscope, and how does it affect dental procedures? This article explores the magnification capabilities of dental microscopes and their impact on dental practice.

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customer service

Why Customer Service Shouldn't Be Overlooked When Evaluating Dental Equipment Manufacturers

Hey dental professionals 👋

When was the last time you were thinking about a new equipment purchase for your practice? Did the amount of options keep you up at night?

Most of these purchases are capital equipment, and a lot of thinking and research may go into choosing the right investment. After all, this purchase may not just affect you - it's going to have an impact on your practice, your budget, your staff and ultimately (if used effectively) your patients!

So, which will you choose? Quality and reliability or cost and affordability?

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save your tooth

"Save Your Tooth" How and Why Endodontists Preserve Your Natural Teeth

In the face of dental discomfort or disease, the knee-jerk reaction might often be to consider extraction. However, there's a branch of dental specialists for whom the mantra is "Save Your Tooth".

Endodontists are dedicated to preserving natural teeth, often preventing the need for dental implants or bridges.

Today, we're exploring the invaluable role endodontists play in dental health and why saving your natural tooth is often the best course of action.

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