8 Tips for Incorporating Photo/Video in Your Dental Office

dental microscope

Visualization. There’s a reason advanced imaging and video technologies are among the biggest trends in dentistry. Used effectively, giving your patients the ability to experience your exact point of view can help you educate them through your diagnosis and treatment plans. Providing patients with a chairside visual has been a powerful tool towards achieving greater treatment acceptance.

In a previous article, we wrote Seeing is Believing: 5 Tips to Let Your Microscope Do the “Selling” for You. This article included ways dentists and specialists can get the most from their camera equipment. 

Today, we've written a guide to help dentists get started with camera equipment and integrate these visual tools effectively in their offices:


1. Invest in the Right Equipment

  • Digital Camera: Invest in a high-quality digital camera specifically designed for dental photography. These cameras often come with macro lenses and ring flashes to capture detailed images of the oral cavity.
  • Video Camera: For videography, choose a camera that can record in high definition. Some dental microscopes come with integrated video cameras, which can be an excellent option.
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Modern smartphones and tablets have high-quality cameras that can be used for casual photography and patient education.

For more on this topic, particularly as it relates to a dental microscope, check out our complete article: Camera Recommendations for a Dental Microscope.

2. Implement a Dental Photography Protocol

  • Training: Provide training for your staff on dental photography techniques, including framing, lighting, and patient positioning.
  • Standardization: Develop a standardized protocol for taking photos. This could include guidelines on the types of images to capture for different procedures.
  • Consent: Always obtain written consent from patients before taking photographs or videos, explaining how they will be used.

3. Integrate Photography and Videography into Patient Consultations

  • Use images and videos to explain dental conditions, treatment options, and expected outcomes to patients. This can enhance understanding and trust.
  • Before-and-after photos can be particularly effective in showcasing treatment results.

4. Use Visuals for Patient Education

  • Create a library of images and videos to use as educational tools. These can include examples of good vs. poor oral health, stages of different dental conditions, and procedural walkthroughs.
  • Display educational videos in the waiting area or during consultations.

5. Document Clinical Cases

  • Use photography and videography to document clinical cases from start to finish. This is valuable for tracking patient progress, as well as for legal documentation.
  • Store images and videos securely in patient files for easy access and reference.

6. Incorporate into Marketing and Online Presence

  • Use high-quality images and videos for your practice’s website, social media, and marketing materials (with patient consent). This can improve your online presence and attract new patients.
  • Share educational content and success stories to engage with your community.

7. Utilize for Professional Development and Networking

  • Share interesting cases with colleagues for professional feedback and discussion (while maintaining patient confidentiality).
  • Use documented cases for presentations at conferences or in professional publications.

8. Regularly Update and Upgrade Equipment

  • Stay abreast of technological advancements in cameras, lighting, and software to ensure the best quality visuals.
  • Regularly maintain and service your equipment to keep it in optimal condition.
  • Thinking about Adding a Camera to your Scope?

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