Camera Recommendations for a Dental Microscope

camera recommendations for dental microscope

This article references the views and opinions of Dr. Michael Wenzel from his Inside Dentistry CE Webinar: Fundamentals of Microscope-Assisted Restorative Dentistry. Recommendations are based on what Dr. Wenzel uses in his office. Dr. Michael Wenzel is a General Practitioner based in Alberta, CA.

Doctors who use dental microscopes are finding the combination of cameras with their scope can make a huge impact on the quality of their work by providing constant feedback. In a way, this combination has revolutionized the way their dental procedures are documented, taught, and communicated.

Having the right camera can enhance the functionality of your microscope, providing high-quality images and videos that are essential for patient education, case documentation, and professional consultations.

Today, we're providing our camera recommendations as a dental microscope manufacturer - with practice advice from Dr. Wenzel, who regularly uses stills and video camera equipment in his office as well as for creating educational content and webinars.

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Most manufacturers provide the ability to attach a phototube adapter to connect a mirrorless camera to it to allow photo and video through it. Some manufacturers, including Global, can also include a cube camera setup in place of a mirrorless camera.

Dr. Wenzel uses and recommends a mirrorless camera, based on their high ISO performance, high contrast and stunning clarity. See above for Dr. Wenzel's recommendations concerning brand and models he prefers that help his patients, staff as well as make beautiful and compelling educational content.

When comparing specs on new cameras, Dr. Wenzel is looking for cameras which are lightweight, full-frame, good photo quality and allow 4K video quality (HD at minimum). Batteries are a consideration as well, some manufacturers like Global, allow you to thread your camera charger through the scope arm - so as long as your scope is turned on, your camera is continuously charged.

Recommendations for Taking High-Quality Photos & Videos

Getting the best possible camera doesn't always help you get the best quality images, at least ones that will impact your documentation and case work. Here are a few recommendations from Dr. Wenzel that will help you boost your effectiveness with documentation and maximizing your camera.

Rapid-Fire Documentation

One of the leading benefits of adding a camera to your scope is how easy it can be to document cases once you become proficient. You may want to document your cases to show an interested patient, your staff, to brag on the DentalTown message boards or for medical legal reasons.

One method Dr. Wenzel uses with his staff is to take pictures and videos regularly - even as often as every 2-3 seconds. He's not as concerned with getting all images as focus, rather trying to document in real time, and determine what belongs in the case file later on.

Having a live view and building compelling case documentation also can be a huge trust-booster with patients, so once you feel comfortable and proficient - fire away!

Keeping Your Subject Centered

When you're looking through your oculars, you see a circle. But the camera sees a rectangle. This can cause intuitive problems when snapping photos. By keeping your view centered, you can capture the details you're looking for with out cutting things off.

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Photo & Video Camera Settings

Here are also some recommendations Dr. Wenzel leaves for new camera users, to help shortcut your way to better documentation!

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Integration with Practice Management Software

Now, what do you need to think about when integrating your mirrorless camera to your practice management software? Dr. Wenzel also leaves his thoughts to help you get set up as quickly as possible.

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Thinking about Adding a Camera to your Scope?

If you’re just getting started with a dental microscope, or just considering adding a camera attachment to your existing scope, we are here to help! We can help configure and customize your scope to your clinical needs, helping you get started as quickly as possible.

At Global Surgical, we’re committed to your success, with durable products and our knowledgeable Technical & Customer Service teams. And, we guarantee your peace of mind with our limited lifetime warranty (US & Canada only).

We also offer HD and 4K camera adapters to help you build compelling case files and improve your documentation.

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