root canal therapy

How GPs Can Create a Full Root Canal Workflow

Across the country, GPs are finding success expanding their service offering to perform in-house root canal treatments. If this is a prospect for your practice, you'll need to identify the cases you can support in-house and refer the more complex cases to the local endodontist.

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restorative dentistry

Future Trends in Restorative Dentistry

The integration of advanced technology in dental practices is reshaping how dental professionals approach restorative procedures, enhancing precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes. Here, we'll explore the future trends in restorative dentistry that are set to revolutionize the field, drawing from our insights and innovations in dental microscopy.

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Exploring the Details: What Can 19x Magnification See on a Dental Microscope?

In the intricate world of dentistry, precision and attention to detail can be critical. Dental microscopes have significantly enhanced the capabilities of dental professionals, allowing for unparalleled visualization of the oral cavity. 19x magnification is typically the highest power available on a dental microscope for revealing fine details that are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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