How Dental Grads Can Choose a Dental Microscope

dental school grads with dental microscope

Congratulations, recent dental school graduates! As you embark on your journey into the world of dentistry, you may already be thinking about the technology and equipment you’ll be using in your associateship, residency or private practice.

No matter which route you begin, you’ll likely have influence over the type of equipment you’ll use. You may choose to use equipment from brands you’re already familiar with during your coursework, or you may gain new experience with equipment already outfitted in your practice.

Either way, you want to be confident you’ve maximized the value you’re getting from your equipment – and it suits your long-term needs as you begin your dental career. Today, we’re going to help you look for features in a dental microscope which can help you find the RIGHT fit for your dental career.

You may already know this from your university, workshops, conferences, residencies, and other hands-on learning experiences, but there are many high-quality options available in the marketplace today.

Before we begin, here’s a little experience shared by general practitioner Dr. Shane Smith ( Dr. Smily has been using a Global microscope for over 2 years, but prior to using a scope he was using loupes during his associateship. Upon starting his own practice, Dr. Smith decided to make an investment in his long-term health and comfort by transitioning from loupes to a dental microscope. Towards the end of his associateship, he noticed that if he wasn’t postured correctly, my back muscles would fatigue easily and my hands would start to get shaky.

Optical Quality

As with many imaging devices used by dentists, higher quality and resolution allows for greater precision in diagnosis and treatment. Evaluating the optical quality of a dental microscope should be based on the following:

  • Resolution
  • Magnification ranges
  • Depth of field
  • Light transmission
  • Accurate color rendition

These features of the microscope’s optics allow you to detect the smallest dental caries and cracks, and then treat them in the most effective yet conservative way. If you have not yet worked with a microscope, we would recommend an in-person demonstration in order to fully appreciate what is possible.

Global Surgical A-Series Microscope


When evaluating the illumination capability of a microscope, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Light intensity: A high level of intensity is very desirable during procedures, because in combination with optical quality, having illumination sufficient for any task will directly impact what you will be able to see through the eyepieces.
  • Color temperature: Aesthetic dentistry requires a natural color rendition gained by illuminating with a “daylight” color temperature of between 5,000 and 6,000 Kelvin.
  • The life span of the light source: The life span impacts the cost of ownership, potential downtime, and the environment.

Also, look at the type of lighting source used by the manufacturer. For example, the Global A-Series microscope exclusively uses LED illumination. Providing over 115,000 Lux output, it is the brightest LED light source available, while producing unobstructed, coaxial, shadow-free illumination.

LED is preferable to most dental professionals because it maintains a constant color temperature at a nearly ideal 5,500 Kelvin, and is capable of operating at a wide range of intensities. And, at approximately 50,000 service hours, the need to change your light source virtually disappears.

Design & Ergonomics

Next up, another major considerations for any practitioner who will frequently use a dental microscope are its design features and ergonomics. We’ve heard the horror stories from doctors retiring early due to neck and back problems. The last thing you want is prolonged discomfort to stunt your career.

Fortunately, the dental microscope is designed to promote good ergonomics and help extend the span of your career. Plus, this helps you work for longer periods without back and neck pain or fatigue. The use of proper body positioning over the course of a career can add years of productivity.

Some of the features to look for from a manufacturer are:

  • A binocular viewing tube with wide ranging tilt capability, along with the proper amount of extension so that the inclination of your neck can remain in a nearly stress-free horizontal position.
  • A variety of available working distances between the patient and the microscope to allow working space for tools, and provide a comfortable hand-to-eye distance for the operator.
  • A control system to deliver magnification changer, ergonomic handles, and tilt tension controls at one location bilaterally.
  • BONUS: Use of a fully adjustable Micro-Surgeon’s Chair with proper support for the lumbar area, and adjustable height and forearm support. These features allow the larger muscles of the shoulders, neck, and arms to relax, and allow the fine motor skills of the hands to predominate.

Imaging & Documentation

In the modern dental practice, videos and images can be used to enhance the overall experience from diagnosis to treatment. You should be easily able to archive these files from your microscope’s camera to a computer during an exam. Here are a few advantages for demonstrating a live camera feed in your operatory:

  • Entire procedures can be documented electronically, allowing for efficient archiving in the patient record, communication with referring colleagues and insurance companies, and excellent preparation for case presentations and teaching opportunities at schools and conferences.
  • Allowing your patient to see the smallest problem which would otherwise remain invisible creates buy-in for the selected treatment plan. This often results in treating things earlier and with less loss of healthy dentition.
  • Live video provided for your assistant improves their engagement and efficiency and can be a powerful post treatment training tool.

Final Thoughts for a Brighter Future!

As you embark on your dental career, integrating dental microscopes into your practice can be a game-changer. The advanced visualization, improved treatment precision, and ergonomic benefits offered by dental microscopes will elevate your ability to provide exceptional patient care. Embracing this cutting-edge technology early on positions you for success, enhancing your diagnostic capabilities, optimizing treatment outcomes, and ensuring your own well-being as a dental professional.

So, recent college graduates, seize the opportunity to explore dental microscopes and unlock the potential to become a true innovator in modern dentistry.

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