Comparing Dental Microscope Warranties

dental microscope warranty

As with most major purchases, your dental microscope (regardless of manufacturer) should include warranty coverage. Sometimes, you have to do quite a bit of digging to know exactly what is covered, not covered, and for how long. But, how can you know before you buy? After all, knowing the terms of your  microscope’s warranty is a great additional factor to consider when evaluating your options – the initial price today could cost considerably more down the line with unprotected equipment.

As one of the longest operating manufacturers of dental microscopes, we’ve spent the past 25 years building a strong product, brand and customer base. We have deep experience in this market and we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to warranty coverage, so we’re happy to provide an overview (and maybe some good pointers). 

When you’re working with a sales representative, from either a dealer or manufacturer, they should be your go-to source of information while you’re shopping. After all, you’re making a significant purchase decision for your practice and you deserve to be confident you’re getting all of your questions answered. Below are some questions to ask, as well as the general responses you should expect to hear.

Questions to Ask Regarding Warranty

How long does my coverage last?

From what we’ve seen, the length of warranty provided by microscope manufacturers ranges from 1 year up to lifetime coverage. When you purchase a Global Surgical microscope, your microscope includes a lifetime warranty, including parts and labor, for all optical and support components (US & Canada only).

What is covered in my warranty?

Like nearly any product with numerous components and complex systems, it’s important to know what’s covered and what’s not. Microscopes are designed to last for years of continued use. Yet, your manufacturer’s warranty is a token of their commitment to your satisfaction, particularly for parts defects  or component failure outside of your control. 

In our experience, dental microscope warranties cover the microscope and internal components made by the manufacturer. This would include electrical and electronic components, but perhaps on a limited basis. Also, find out your coverage on consumables such as fiber optic cables, eyecups etc. as well as light bulbs (typically set by a separate manufacturer).

Do you have extended warranty options?

For brands that do not offer lifetime warranty coverage, you may want to ask about extended warranty options, which would likely be an additional expense that impacts your total cost of ownership. Extended warranties are also something your sales representative will likely mention before you purchase, so you know your additional coverage options and expenses before you buy.

For more information on evaluating the total cost of owning a dental microscope, check out our article: How Much Does a Dental Microscope Cost?

Is there a deductible charged for submitting a claim?

The answer to this question varies greatly by manufacturer. Be sure to ask about deductibles before you buy so you can anticipate additional costs associated with your warranty.

How do replacements/repairs work?

As with other equipment and technologies in your office, you likely already know downtime leads to more than just headaches. Just knowing the terms of your warranty may not be enough to prepare you for what’s to come if you need a replacement or repair! 

For Global Surgical customers, we take pride in being the only true US manufacturer of dental and medical equipment with complete manufacturing and assembly facilities in St. Louis, MO. Being headquartered in St. Louis allows us to reach and support our customers quickly and efficiently, whether domestically or internationally. Plus, this gets us greater access to replacement parts to avoid costly delays to your practice.

For the full terms and conditions of our warranty, we have this prominently displayed on our website, linked here.

More Questions? Reach Out!

At Global Surgical, we are committed to your total satisfaction by providing a comprehensive guarantee. Our philosophy is a simple one—to keep the burden of responsibility in our court, not yours.

In addition to our Limited Lifetime Warranty (US & Canada customers), we demonstrate the spirit of this commitment with our 30-day money-back guarantee on our microscopes and accessories. The microscope and microscope accessories you purchase will be unconditionally guaranteed and risk-free. You may return a product to Global in good condition for any reason within 30 days of invoice and receive a full product refund (custom microscope parts are excluded from this policy).

If you’re considering adding a microscope to your practice and want to learn more about our scopes, service and accessories, we are here to help! We’ve been helping dental practices for over 25 years see the benefits of high magnification through a dental microscope, backed by our commitment to your satisfaction from our limited lifetime warranty. 

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