The Advantages of a Multifocal Lens

dental microscope multifocal lens

Magnification is making big waves in dentistry. Over 25 years ago, dental microscopy was still an emerging technology, primarily associated with assisting endodontic procedures such as root canals. Today, more and more general practitioners are “seeing” the benefits of a dental microscope in their practice, both for clinical and ergonomic purposes as well as significant visual enhancements for restorative cases and other detailed procedures.

We advocate for the use of dental microscopes in dentistry as a means to improve ergonomics as well as capture all fine details to perform the best possible patient care and treatment. As leaders in dental microscopy, we’ve published several articles on the numerous advantages of dental microscopes, including:

As a microscope manufacturer, we prioritize designing tools that make microscopes easier to use and more adaptable to each  doctor’s clinical preference. Today, we’re going to explore the benefits of the multifocal lens, along with when and why it can be useful in dentistry.

What is a Multifocal Lens?

A multifocal or variable focal objective lens uses a split path design to create a simple method for focal adjustment. In the case of a Global microscope, our multifocal lens attaches to your scope, and uses a small dial to provide you with up to 6” total focal adjustment. This feature helps you quickly adjust focus as you change working distance or need to accommodate for patient movement.

Dental Microscope Multifocal Lens

How does a Multifocal Lens Help Doctors?

Often, when we speak with doctors looking to get started with a microscope, we lead with these top benefits: magnification/visualization, greater illumination and improved ergonomics. 

The multifocal lens harnesses these benefits by creating an effortless way to get your scope into focus, so every doctor can get in a comfortable, ergonomic working position. But, because doctors are different sizes, use and training will help you and your staff find the working position that works best for your body, and the positioning of your patient.

A multifocal lens is designed specifically to help doctors maintain ideal ergonomic posture regardless of the patient size and the procedure you’re performing.

Another advantage we hear from doctors using a multifocal lens is how it helps them set up faster, and reduces repositioning their scope. With the 6” of adjustable focus, you can manipulate the angle you’re viewing your patient without repositioning the height of your scope, saving you time and creating a more efficient visit for your patient..

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