How to Mount a Dental Microscope

dental microscope mounting

With over 25 years of experience helping dental professionals outfit their operatories with dental microscopes, we’ve learned no two practices are exactly alike. When improved ergonomics are at stake, it’s critical to get your scope properly configured to your operatory. We designed our Global A-Series microscopes to maximize fit in nearly any operatory set-up, by developing more mounting options than any other brand.

Here’s a look at the mounting options available through Global Surgical, including the popular mobile floor stand, a rolling cart configuration designed for portability between offices or exam rooms.

Please note: We highly recommend the installation of this equipment be performed by qualified technicians. This protects your investment, as well as avoids risk of personal injury. 

For reference, we prepare installation technicians with a comprehensive Installation Manual, which details the unpacking, site preparation, installation instructions as well as service and warranty information on your specified mounting system.

high and low wall mount dental microscope

High or Low Wall Mount

A wall mount is designed for areas with limited floor space. It provides an unobstructed working area and folds flat against the wall for convenient storage. This is the ideal option for operatories with available wall space, regardless of height. Our two standard wall mount options are designed for high and low walls, with an extension arm built to accommodate nearly any configuration.

ceiling mount dental microscope

Ceiling Mount

Similar to a wall mount, a ceiling mount is designed to maximize your range of operation, also without using any floor space. Ceiling mounts can be used in operatories with 8-10 foot ceilings. By mounting on your available ceiling space, this option provides an optimal location for convenient delivery of the microscope. 

Selecting a ceiling mount versus a wall mount primarily depends on your unique configuration, based on the space available on either your ceiling or wall, height of the room, as well as the setup of other equipment in your operatory. 

Also consider whether you will be using a video monitor or Binocular Co-Observation System (BOS) for viewing with an assistant or staff, as this could also affect your configuration. For more information on these and other accessories available for your Global A-Series microscope, continue reading: Upgradeable Features & Accessories for a Dental Microscope.

After reviewing your operatory set-up, we can advise you on what we’ve seen work best for dental professionals with similar configurations.

fixed floor stand dental microscope

Fixed Floor Stand

A fixed floor stand mount is designed to be installed on the floor in a fixed location within the office/exam room. This option may be preferable when ceiling and wall space are limited, while only using limited floor space. Like our other mounting options, the fixed floor stand can be folded for more compact storage.

Additionally, some doctors we speak with opt to add a video monitor to the stand for convenient viewing.

mobile floor stand dental microscope

Mobile Floor Stand

A mobile floor stand is designed for portability around the office/exam room or between operatories. It uses a compact H-Base with four large casters, which can be locked to prevent rolling. This design, like the fixed floor stand, minimizes floor space required.

This setup is ideal for practices looking for flexibility, particularly when your microscope  will be used in multiple operatories.

Questions? Reach Out!

If you’re considering adding a microscope to your practice and need help with configuration, we are here to help! 

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping dental practices maximize their investment in microscopy. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our customers have to say about the Global support team:

  • “I have been very satisfied with the support that I have received from everyone at Global. Everyone has been so helpful, polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Global team and Global microscope!” – Dr. Doug Hanneman, DDS
  • “I have never purchased a product that had better customer service than my Global Microscope. It’s great to know that I can pick up the phone and have an entire team of experienced professionals willing to help me promptly.” – Dr. Osvaldo Z. Mayoral, D.M.D.
  • “I must mention that Global has excellent customer service, and they are wonderful to work with! I am so happy that I decided to incorporate a Global microscope into my practice!” – Dr. Karen Besler, DDS

We’re proud to be based in the US, with manufacturing and assembly facilities in St. Louis, MO. This helps us give our customers the best service, domestically and internationally. And, as part of our commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our scopes (US & Canada customers only).

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