How to Market Your Dental Microscope

marketing your dental microscope

When you invest in a dental microscope for your practice, the new technology and expanded capabilities for your dental practice can be exciting for both you and your staff. Your scope is not only a powerful tool for its clinical benefits like magnification, illumination and ergonomics, it’s also a tremendous “flex” when it comes to communicating with patients. 

And, when owning and operating a dental microscope helps you stand out from your local competition, you have the unique opportunity to strengthen your marketing strategy to include your investment in advanced technologies. To a patient, your investment in technology can be viewed as a commitment to “better dentistry” – giving your practice a reputation for quality patient care.

Since our foundation over 25 years ago, we’ve seen first-hand all of the countless new ways doctors are reaching new patients and communicating with existing patients. Beefing up your marketing strategy around dental microscopes can help you get the word out effectively.

Today, we’re sharing the top recommendations we see and hear from doctors to promote their microscope investment and help them achieve a faster ROI.

Creating Content for Your Website & Social Media

One of the quickest and most effective ways of reaching your local geography is by posting about your dental microscope on your website and social media profiles. Many doctors we speak with use a Technology page on their website to educate current and prospective patients about the advanced technologies their practice uses to ensure high quality patient care. 

Here, you might include all of the other dental equipment your practice operates, such as: X-Ray/CBCT systems, hard/soft tissue lasers, intraoral scanners, and/or GentleWave® systems.

To help you get started on a description of your dental microscope for your website, we’ve written a brief introduction for patients in easy-to-understand terms.

Download the Introduction to Dental Microscopes: Patient Guide

In the microscope business, as much as it is in dentistry, the old saying is true: “seeing is believing”. One of our long-time Global microscope customers, Dr. Stacey Ochoa D.D.S, said it as well: “Seeing is believing! … I am able to be precise, proactive and comfortable – all at the same time. My patients are educated on the uniqueness of how I provide care and treatment the moment they walk into my practice.”

With the rising influence of social media, it’s also a good idea to include this type of announcement across your social channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And, if you’re active on other visual channels such as Snapchat or TikTok, this could also be a fun opportunity to get creative with your video content creation with your scope.

For inspiration on the type of visual content you can achieve through a scope, providing further education on how this technology benefits your patients and commitment to patient care, we developed a quick 50 second introduction to our A-Series microscope.

Watch our video introducing the Global A-Series Microscope

Patient Communications through SMS & Email/Newsletters

Ready to share the news with your existing patients? As you and your staff get more acquainted with your scope, including how/when you’ll use it, you may be ready to get the word out about your microscopic dentistry procedures and service offering. This may be a good opportunity to bring patients back who could benefit from an examination under the higher magnification powers of a microscope.

Many doctors today leverage SMS communications and emails to reach existing patients for appointment reminders or scheduling, post-treatment surveys and other pertinent information. This new technology also may be suitable for a mention on a patient newsletter to spark interest among your patient base.

For the best results, we recommend keeping your inbound messages brief. Highlight how your scope benefits you as a patient – getting better dental care than from doctors relying on loupes or no magnification tools at all. It may also benefit your patients to understand associated costs and insurance coverage as applicable.

Marketing to Your Referrals

While adding a dental microscope to your practice is great news for both your staff and your patients, it’s also a good idea to promote the addition of this new technology to your colleagues and referrals as well.

You may be able to partner with nearby dental professionals that need support with microscope-based procedures. Reach out to local practices and see if they wish to refer patients to you for fee-based microscope exams. Neighboring practices might also be willing to refer patients to you to treat more complex procedures that require a surgical microscope.

Online Reviews/Testimonials

Over the past decade, consumer demand for online reviews has made it critical for success as a local business. From restaurants to home services, housing to doctors, giving patrons a 5-star experience is now more important than ever. By maintaining state-of-the-art care matched with advanced technology, your local reputation can benefit by getting your patients to leave their feedback online. 

One marketing tip you may not be aware of is that review services, such as Google and Healthgrades, use keywords to classify the reviews most likely to be displayed to the patient. So, when patients mention your technology, or your microscope in particular, these reviews may be selected to be most relevant for the next patient.

For example, Healthgrades includes a “What Went Well” classification that measures responses to generate an overall attitude towards the practice, in areas such as “staff friendliness” and “trusted the provider’s decisions.”

Because a microscope can be used as a trust-building tool with images presented to a patient for treatment acceptance, you may see higher marks on these reviews to help boost your online reputation.

Below, we’re sharing testimonials we’ve received from doctors we work with to further illustrate how their patients feel a microscope benefits their quality of care:

  • “[My Global microscope] has been a wonderful addition to my practice and my patients view it as another example of my dedication to their dentistry.” – Dr. Michael C. McVicker, DDS
  • “[My Global microscope] has especially played a pivotal role in helping me to better educate my patients and significantly decreasing the amount of time needed in forming trusting relationships with them.” – Dr. Donato Napoletano, DMD
  • Patients appreciate the microscope as a tool for communication and accept my treatment plans with confidence. In short, microscopes enhance dentistry itself.” – Dr. Jill E. Hansen, DDS
  • “I use it EVERY day, for endo, composites, crowns and bridges, even surgery sometimes! On kids, on adults, most patients are impressed.” – Dr. Alain Gagnon, DDS

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