Global Microscope Customer Spotlight: Dr. Glenn van As

dental microscope

Ask a General Practitioner

Hear from a Global Surgical customer. Dr. Glenn van As is a general dentist in North Vancouver. He has been using Global Microscopes in all of his operatories since 1997 and now uses a microscope in 100% of his procedures.

Dr. Glenn van As advocates that after the initial learning curve, about six months of training and working with the microscope, there are four advantages he’s learned:

  1. Ergonomics: Because the operator is sitting upright when using the microscope, it reduces the strain on your neck and back.
  2. Precision: With multiple magnifications, you can view extra details to improve your precisions. This precision is not only in endo, but in all your work.
  3. Communication: Staff can view actions firsthand on a monitor to anticipate movement without the need for verbal communication. On-screen images and video also improve patient communication.
  4. Documentation: Videos and stills make it easy to document cases in real time for insurance, publishing and patient education purposes.

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