Benefits of Dental Microscopes for General Practitioners

dental microscope for general dentists

You may be wondering… “Do dentists use microscopes?”

Before answering, let’s take a quick step back. Magnification in dentistry is increasingly popular with general practitioners to assist with routine procedures, restorations and endodontic therapies in their practice. In the past few decades, both microscopes and loupes have been widely adopted by dentists to assist with magnification.

Since founding Global Surgical Corporation over 25 years ago, we have strongly promoted the use of surgical microscopes in dentistry. So much so that we became the first company to focus on the newly emerging dental microscopy market. The added precision, vision, and improved ergonomics over even dental loupes are very beneficial to practitioners.

For a full comparison of dental loupes vs microscopes, check out this article.

A microscope benefits many procedures by helping you to better diagnose and predictably treat your patients. The clear magnified images that are possible with a dental microscope provide details that are difficult to see, even with loupes.

Here are some of the ways general practitioners can use a dental microscope in modern dentistry:

Restorative Dentistry

By using dental microscopes for restorative dentistry, you can magnify your view up to 19 times greater than without. This visual enhancement helps capture the minute details of a patient’s anatomy, allowing for greater precision from restorative procedures.

From start to finish, a dental microscope:

  • Provides refinement in tooth and margin preparation
  • Allows for closer inspection of restorations and marginal tissues
  • Improves caries detection and removal
  • Improves detection and evaluation of coronal and root fractures and abnormalities
  • Facilitates cord placement for gingival retraction
  • Provides for better inspection of impressions
  • Helps with inspection of marginal fit of restoration (crowns, veneers, inlay/onlay, amalgam, composite)
  • Facilitates in finishing and polishing of margins
  • Assists in gingival contouring or reshaping around teeth and implants
  • Assists in evaluation after cementation
  • Assists in eliminating the “iffy” diagnosis.
  • Detect smaller problems sooner allowing for more conservative treatment.

Ask a General Practitioner

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of a dental microscope for a general practitioner, hear from one of our customers. Dr. Glenn van As is a general dentist in North Vancouver. He has been using Global Microscopes in all of his operatories since 1997 and now uses a microscope in 100% of his procedures.


Dr. Glenn van As advocates that after the initial learning curve, about six months of training and working with the microscope, there are four advantages he’s learned:

  1. Ergonomics: Because the operator is sitting upright when using the microscope, it reduces the strain on your neck and back.
  2. Precision: With multiple magnifications, you can view extra details to improve your precisions. This precision is not only in endo, but in all your work.
  3. Communication: Staff can view actions firsthand on a monitor to anticipate movement without the need for verbal communication. On-screen images and video also improve patient communication.
  4. Documentation: Videos and stills make it easy to document cases in real time for insurance, publishing and patient education purposes.

If you’re ready to improve your workflows and precision with a microscope, ask the long-time leader in dental microscopy: Global Surgical. Give us a call at 1-800-861-3585 or fill out an online inquiry here.

We’re confident you’ll see the benefits of using our microscopes, just as Dr. Glenn has. We’ll help you maximize your investment with our limited lifetime warranty and unparalleled support team.