How Much Will a Dental Microscope Cost in 2024?

dental microscope cost

How do you know when is the right time to buy dental equipment? You’re ready to maximize its value, but you want to find the right equipment that fits the needs and skills of you and your staff, while also getting a favorable price. Very few doctors want a good buying opportunity to slip by and pay more for the same equipment.

While you’re shopping, it’s also important that you’re getting all of the details regarding included features, warranty, and accessories in order to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the different brands and models available. 

Today, we’ll outline what you can expect to pay for a dental microscope today, forecasted into 2024.

As a dental microscope manufacturer with over 25 years in the business, we know a thing or two about what customers need and want. So, to help you navigate your purchase, we’ll also provide a few questions to think about while doing your research, and discuss warranty considerations that may impact your microscope’s long-term cost of ownership. Watch the video, or continue reading below.


Average Dental Microscope Price for 2024

Depending on which brand and model you choose, the price of a dental microscope can range anywhere from $13,000 – $70,000.

If you’re waiting until next year to buy, keep in mind that you can still take advantage of Section 179 tax deductions in 2023, which could save over $8,000*. For more on Section 179 tax information and to see how much you can save, check out our page: Section 179 Tax Benefits for 2023.

Like any other technology, you’ll find entry-level brands that have limited options along with higher-end models with all the premium features. In our experience, the industry “sweet spot” for a dental microscope with a nice mix of features and value is between $19,000 – $30,000. Again, this depends on your desired options.

Keep in mind… most manufacturers can offer a wide variety of customizations and accessories that will affect the price you will end up paying. And still, other brands have an “all or nothing” approach where you have to buy a fully loaded scope regardless of your current or future needs. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works best for you and your practice.

To get you started on your shopping, here are some questions to consider asking yourself as you begin:

  • What microscope do fellow dentists you know use in their practice? 
  • What’s your experience level with a dental microscope? 
  • What procedures will you be using the microscope for? 
  • How much available space do you have in your operatory?
  • Will you have an assistant working with you during these procedures?
  • Do you need photography/video capture?

*Section 179 estimated tax deduction is based on tax bracket of 35%. MSRP of microscope varies based upon selected options. See Global Surgical representative for more information. Consult your financial advisor for guidelines regarding Section 179 tax deductions.

Considerations That Impact Price

Options for Your Dental Microscope

Buying a microscope can be a lot like shopping for a car. Some shoppers want every option available, while other people choose fewer to get a lower purchase price. The key is the ability to choose the options that are important to you. Microscopes are very similar.

For example, our Global Surgical microscopes offer the following options/upgrades:  

  • lens magnification
  • 4K or HD camera attachment
  • inclinable/non-inclinable binoculars/eyepieces
  • binocular extender for improved ergonomics
  • laser filter
  • beamsplitter for attaching an HD video/SLR camera or co-observation unit
  • multifocal lens attachment
  • several varieties of mounts
  • a full catalog of accessories

You get to choose the level of customization you want at a price that fits your budget. And, in the case of Global Surgical microscopes, you can always add on any of these features in the future.

Future Upgrades 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than buying a technology that goes obsolete in just a few years. Do your best to future-proof your investment. 

Look at it this way – there’s a difference in value when you invest in a technology that will be around for the long-term.

Paying $20,000 for a microscope that cannot be upgraded stays frozen over the lifetime of the product. Versus a $20,000 microscope that can be augmented with a variety of modules and features in the future. Upgradeability shouldn’t impact your upfront cost but it can certainly be a considerable benefit a few years down the road. 


Warranty is often overlooked when considering the price you’ll pay on a dental microscope, BUT it’s definitely aspect of your purchase to think about. Most doctors now shop around with warranty in mind for nearly any technology purchase, given past experiences.

From what we’ve seen, microscope manufacturers provide warranty coverage from 1 year up to lifetime. You need to know what is covered under the terms of the warranty and if there is a deductible charged for submitting a claim. For brands that do not offer lifetime warranty coverage, you may want to ask about extended warranty options, which would likely be an additional expense AND impact your total cost of ownership. 

Don’t Forget About Service 

While customer service doesn’t directly impact upfront cost, it’s definitely something to think about over the long term. Make sure you purchase your microscope from a company with a proven track record of providing great service. Ask colleagues, referrals, visit online forums and reviews to verify you’ll get a truly positive service relationship with your manufacturer.

Getting quality and responsive service is a value-add that won’t be reflected on your initial invoice, but you’ll wind up paying in the end with unnecessary frustration!

The Cost of a Dental Microscope

As you can see, the cost of a dental microscope varies quite a bit based upon brand, features and warranty.

Here at Global Surgical, our goal is to provide the best value in dental microscopes through customization, modular/upgradeable designs, and our exclusive lifetime warranty – but don’t take our word for it . . . ask around for feedback on Global microscopes. When you do your research, we think you’ll like what you find.

We’re proud to be based in the US, with manufacturing and assembly facilities in St. Louis, MO. This helps us give our customers the best service, domestically and internationally. And, as part of our commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our scopes (US & Canada customers only).

If you want more information on microscope pricing, available features, or you just want to learn about the benefits of dental microscopy, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are always happy to help!