Benefits of Dental Microscopes for Endodontists

endodontic microscope

Since the early 1990s, training in microscopes has become an important component of endodontic education, and their use is now universally taught at the graduate level in all CODA-approved endodontic specialty programs.

According to the AAE (American Association of Endodontists), over 90 percent of endodontists have access to and use a dental operating microscope in their practice.

Global Surgical was an early proponent of the training and use of surgical microscopes in endodontics, founding our company in this emerging market over 25 years ago. By magnifying over 10 times the ability of loupes, the dental microscope adds unparalleled precision, vision, and ergonomics.

Our latest model, the A-Series™ dental operating microscope, provides improved illumination and magnification, enhancing the precision and manipulation of all diagnostic and technical aspects of endodontics.

For an endodontist, the dental microscope is useful for diagnosis and clinical procedures. Here are the ways endodontists benefit from using a dental microscope:

  • Improves visualization of fracture patterns:
    • The coronal aspect of the tooth, the chamber, and into the root structure
  • Isolation, evaluation and remediation of:
    • Pulpal chamber obstructions, calcifications and resorptions
  • Investigation of calcified anatomy can be conducted safer:
    • Reduced loss of tooth structure, minimizing iatrogenic incidents
    • Allows predictable pulp chamber visualization
  • Allows for more successful removal of iatrogenic blockages:
    • Three-dimensional visualization of root obstruction from separated instruments
  • Predictable removal of:
    • Core build-ups, cemented posts, silver cones and previous root fill materials
  • Careful evaluation of biomechanics:
    • Allows more complete cleansing and disinfection of root canal systems
  • Manipulation of gingival tissue:
    • Examples: electrosurgical, suturing, and laser procedures can be more delicately directed with enhanced visualization.
  • Complete lingual aspect of canal root structure can be more readily seen:
    • Allows complete root resection, and retro fill procedures
    • Retrofill preps can be directed to their proper alignment and depth.
  • Enhanced surgical visualization
  • Allows careful evaluation of suspected fractured root structure and periosseous defects

A dental microscope should also allow for improved kinesiology around the endodontic procedure. The clinician’s position when working with the scope allows for a more favorable upright working environment, helping to alleviate occupational neck, back and shoulder issues.

When we designed the A-Series microscope, we considered the long-term health benefits to clinicians by assisting the operator in maintaining optimum and balanced posture.

  • Looking straight ahead through binoculars in a comfortable, stress-free position
  • Ability to work longer periods without back and neck pain or fatigue
  • Reducing operator fatigue and eyestrain during procedures
  • Provides a platform for photographic documentation

If you’re an endodontist, you’ve likely already been trained on a dental microscope and now operate one in your practice. If it’s time for an upgrade, consider the A-Series dental microscope from Global Surgical.

We’re proud to be based in the US, with manufacturing and assembly facilities in St. Louis, MO. This helps us give our customers the best service, domestically and internationally. And, as part of our commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our scopes (US & Canada customers only).

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